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The work of building shalom is complex and demanding on many different levels.  A coach can help a team or team leader navigate these complexities by providing ongoing support and helping to develop strategies for success. 

What does a TCN Coach do?

How can my team get a coach?

A TCN coach typically works with teams who are engaged in or have completed the initial TCN training. What that looks like is determined by the team and the coach. Typically the coach will check in with the team once a month either on Zoom or through a phone call.  The main purpose of the monthly check in is to provide accountability, offer support, and design strategies for moving forward. Coaching can also include regular or occasional site visits. 

Those who are signed up for training will automatically be assigned a coach.

To request a coaching conversation simply CLICK HERE  or connect with Bob Clark at 210-837-0923.

Transformational Coaches

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