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The Academy for Congregational and Community Transformation (ACCT) provides a comprehensive catalog of courses tailored for both laity and clergy. The institution is committed to fostering growth and facilitating positive transformation within communities. With a focus on congregational development and community engagement, the academy offers a diverse range of courses aimed at equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to make a meaningful impact. These courses cover various aspects of community development, leadership, and collaboration, empowering participants to contribute to the overall well-being and transformation of their congregations and communities.

Upcoming Events

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Practicing Resurrection
with Janet Wolf

ACCT & SYNAGO welcome author Janet Wolf for an interactive workshop on
Practicing Resurrection:
The Gospel of Mark and Radical Discipleship.
This is a free event,
open to the all!
(Registration is required). 

9:00 AM: Check-in, Presentation & Workshop

12:00 PM: Lunch

1:00-3:00 PM: Presentation & Workshop

About Janet
Janet Wolf has worked as a poverty rights organizer, United Methodist pastor with urban and rural congregations, college and seminary professor, community mediator, and learner, teacher, animator with think tanks and circles inside prisons. She continues to focus on public theology, transformative justice and nonviolent direct action organizing to disrupt and dismantle the cradle to prison pipeline through leadership by and partnership with those who are now or have been caged. She is a member of the Coordinating Committee of the National Council of Elders and on the Board of the James Lawson Institute for the Research and Study of Nonviolent Movements. She is the author of Practicing Resurrection: The Gospel of Mark and Radical Discipleship. Janet and her husband, Bill Haley, have 5 sons and 7 grandchildren. 

This event is sponsored by SYNAGO at Travis Park and the Academy for Congregational and Community Transformation (ACCT).

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Featured Speakers:

Rev. Dr. Erin E. Beasley

Mark Miller

Rev. Dr. Michael Piazza

Rev. Timothy Riddle

Rev. Dr. Fred Smith

& Reconciling Ministries Panel

Shalom Summit is a gathering of people who desire to connect more deeply with their community and actualize the love of God in their neighborhood. Everyone is welcome and will be equipped for community transformation.

This event is Sponsored by the Transformational Communities Network (TCN), an initiative of the Rio Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church and the Academy for Congregational & Community Transformation (ACCT). It will be held at SYNAGO at Travis Park.

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