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Participants in the Transforming Communities 9 month training will gain knowledge and hands-on experience in the application of the principles of asset-based community development [ABCD], facilitation techniques, action planning and application, identifying underlying contradictions and challenges within communities, and a theology of Shalom.  The Transforming Communities Training is currently offered in an online format, and includes online instruction, reflection conversations, webinar presentations, and ongoing accompaniment from a member of the TCN team. Time between training sessions allows teams to complete assignments and put the tools they are acquiring to use in their unique context.  Each team will work with its community to develop a strategy for transformation. Learning Session content is based on the biblical principles of SHALOM [Jeremiah 29:7] and the United Methodist Church’s Communities of SHALOM framework which seeks to apply long-term holistic and sustainable transformation through community development.

Community Asset Mapping 

Learn to identify the hidden assets and resources in in your local community by creating an asset map. This hands-on workshop will guide your team through the process. 

Image by Dylan Gillis

Social (relationship) NetworkMapping

Identify the connections that already exist within your community  and learn how to better utilize your teams shared connections to build shalom.

Image by Erika Giraud

Gifts of the Head, Heart, and Hands 

Discover  the various gifts that you share a s a community and learn how to activate those gifts for the work of shalom.

Image by Giulia Bertelli

Next Application Deadline has been extended to February 15th, 2024


Training in Core Skills

Image by Hannah Busing

Section 1

  • Theology of Shalom

  • Asset-Based Community Development

  • Mindset & Mission shifts

    • Scarcity to Abundance

    • Doing For to Doing With

    • Transactional to Relational

Image by Jason Goodman

Section 2

  • Facilitative Leadership

  • Focused Conversation Method

  • Multi-sector Collaborations

  • Social (relationship) NetworkMapping

Image by Sidharth Bhatia

Section 3

  • Putting it into Practice

  • Expanding the team

  • Setting short-term goals

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